KNOW YOUR DOSE-Do you know how much CBD you are taking?

Updated: Feb 15

CBD is everywhere, but do you know how much you are taking or what dose is right for you?

What does it mean when a tincture bottle says 300MG CBD? How much is a serving? How much are you ingesting per drop? How do you know how much to take?

When it comes to CBD it is important to understand how much you are consuming to find the right dose that works best for you. Finding your dose is an individual journey but Zen Valley CBD is here to help. There are many factors to consider such as your individual metabolism, body mass, diet, and your body’s ability to process CBD.

Be sure to check with your doctor before using CBD especially if you take prescription drugs. CBD is processed through the liver when ingested and may counteract some medications.

Most 1oz CBD tincture bottles are 30 servings. This means 1 serving is 1mL of CBD oil. Making sure your bottle comes with a measured dropper is beneficial to help measuring your dose.

Now to figure out how much CBD you are consuming per dose...

This 1oz bottle is 900MG of CBD. At 30 servings per bottle, each 1mL serving boasts 30MG of CBD.

Now we can break this down further to understand how much you are consuming if you do not want to take a full milliliter. (This is where a measured dropper becomes important)